Thank you for your interest in The Fiber Factor®, however, we have decided not to go forward with a second season.

Our sincerest thanks go out to all who supported The Fiber Factor® over the past two years.

Happy Knitting!


The idea of a company responding to criticism via social media, is widely considered a ‘no-no’ by most.  However, we are sincerely grateful for much of the feedback we received, and we truly wish to respond to all those who took the time to share their constructive thoughts, ideas, and concerns.

Many of you were correct – we did make a number of mistakes during our inaugural season of The Fiber Factor®.  We did our best, worked countless nights and weekends, and truly invested our hearts and souls.  We learned quite a bit along the way, and hoped to rectify any shortcomings with a new set of rules and guidelines for Season 2. While our intentions were good, we again came up short.

                                    “This just doesn’t seem like the Skacel I know.”

While the quote above has probably been the most difficult to digest, it truly opened our eyes to how quickly the public’s view of a company can change.  We’ve worked hard for over 27 years to build a quality reputation, supporting many new designers along the way, many of whom are now well known and established designers in our industry.  At this point in time, The Fiber Factor® is simply not worth tarnishing our standing in the industry. 

In the end, we tried … and for that, I am very grateful to my crew.  Pardon the pun, but Skacel is a tight-knit group.  And although we are a corporation, we are not a huge conglomerate.  Rather, we are a group of 16 individuals, who share a mutual love for needle arts.  And although we were not fully successful in producing a hot new reality show that exposed the world to knitting, we did not fail either - as we made a concerted effort.

Karin Skacel